Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are performed by a Dental Hygienist.

Before the actual teeth cleaning begins, she starts with an overall exam of your entire mouth.
The Dental Hygienist uses a small mouth mirror and dental probe to check around your teeth and gums, for any signs of gingivitis ( inflammation of the gums ) or periodontitis where bone loss is involved and tissue pockets are present.
With a small mirror to guide her, the Dental Hygienist uses a scaler to remove Tartar and Plaque around your gum line and in between your teeth, and where it is difficult for you to reach.
The more Tartar there is in your mouth, the more time she will need to scale a particular spot.
If there are pockets present, she will have to reach deeper into the pocket to remove bacteria (biofilm) and Tartar.
Often there is process of smoothing the root surfaces involved.

At Westshore we are using the finest piezo electric Equipment to make this a comfortable experience.

Pricing Plan

Treatment is based upon individual need .
We value our patient’s individual situation and suggest the most appropriate
treatment plan.
At Westshore all Insurance claims are submitted to your convenience.
We will help you to get information about your individual coverage.
We follow the suggested fee guide , that has been set by the Ontario Dental Hygienist Association.