Adult Dental Care

. Oral-Health Assessment – including detection of gum disease or periodontitis,
. Oral- cancer screening,
. Sources of bad breath and assessment of overall oral health.
. Professional dental cleaning
. Dental stain removal and polishing of teeth,
. Non surgical periodontal- treatment (deep dental cleaning )
. Dental desensitizing treatments.

What is professional dental cleaning?

The Dental Hygienist removes Biofilm (film of tooth bacteria ). Under the gum line and in between the teeth and in all difficult to reach areas. Most often there is also some mild, moderate or abundant Dental Tartar.
A calcified substance that need professional removal.

What is “deep scaling and rootplaning”?

The Dental Hygienist removes calcified biofilm ( Tartar) from above and under the gum line in deep pockets using ultra sonic and hand instruments, where bone loss has occurred.
Rootplaning will smooth out all the rough irregularities on the root surface, which habour microorganisms and prevent complete healing.
A clean, sterile tooth /root will allow tissue regeneration and promote healing.

Dental Stain removal and polishing:

At Westshore Dental Hygiene there 2 methods of Stain removal available.
. Airflow method , bicarbonate powder in Spray form is applied for heavier Stains.
. Preventive polishing pastes in many different flavours being used for lighter Stains and plaque removal.

Desensitizing of teeth.
What causes sensitive teeth?

. Gum disease
. Acidic Beverages
. Brushing with abrasive toothpastes, and brushing incorrectly can result in the wear of enamel and wear away the root surface.
. some dental treatments can cause sensitivity, braces, crown placement , tooth whitening,
Tooth restorations,
. grinding of teeth,

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the underlying layer of your teeth ( Dentin) becomes exposed as a
result of receding gums.
As the protective layer of gum is no longer there, dentinal channels are exposed and creating a pathway to the dental nerve.
Hot, cold and sweet is now transmitted and create a sensitive tooth sensation, pain..

What can I do about it?

. use a very soft toothbrush
. floss and brush correctly to prevent abrasion of the enamel
. use toothpaste for sensitive teeth
. in office desensitization procedures are very helpful
5% Fluoride Vanish directly applied to the sensitive areas will help to remineralize and seal
sensitive areas.

Pricing Plan

Treatment is based upon individual need .
We value our patient’s individual situation and suggest the most appropriate
treatment plan.
At Westshore all Insurance claims are submitted to your convenience.
We will help you to get information about your individual coverage.
We follow the suggested fee guide , that has been set by the Ontario Dental Hygienist Association.

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